The woman went to the doctor and turned out to be a man


Photo: Shutterstock

In China the woman went to the doctor and found out that biologically she is male. It is reported by news portal Asia One.

The incident occurred in Hunan province. Wished to remain unknown 26-year-old Chinese woman for a year married, but she couldn’t get pregnant. She went to the gynecologist and he said that biologically it cannot be called a woman.

Most likely, the patient is suffering from the syndrome of androgen insensitivity, in which a person has a female appearance, well-developed chest and a vagina, while he has no uterus and ovaries, but has undescended testes. Due to the presence in the body of the Y-chromosome a man is biologically a man.

Such people can identify themselves as female, male or intersex. By definition, Management of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, intersex means having atypical sex characteristics and chromosomes. According to estimations by the UN, with such anatomical variations is born to 1.7 percent of children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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