American football player on a bet took up Curling and was one step away from Olympics


Jared Allentato: USA Today Sports/ Reuters

Former American football player Jared Allen said that after a dispute with friends started to play Curling and now seriously looking forward to get to the Olympic games in 2022. The word athlete leads TMZ.

Allen finished his football career in 2016, after he tried his hand at Golf, but quickly realized that this sport is not for him. Then the American made a bet with friends that can become an Olympian, and began to try different sports. In the end, he got in touch with the coaches in Curling and decided that he needed it.

Allen has assembled a team of former players and now they play against a professional killerov. Moreover, the American “damn sure” that will go to the Olympics in Beijing. While he trains at least two hours on the ice.

“Here you have to work with a brush. I was known for his cardio, but revenge is damn hard,” said Allen.

Men’s team USA Curling won the Olympic tournament in Pyeongchang. For the team, this gold became the first in history. In the women’s competition and mixed doubles us national teams failed to qualify from the group.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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