Americans asked to prove the existence of the state of new Mexico


Gavin Clarksonpost: JPAndrada

The staff of the office of the Registrar of marriages of the capital of the district of Columbia received the resident of the U.S. state of new Mexico Gavin Clarkson for a foreign citizen and asked him to prove the existence in US of such entity. It is reported by Las Cruces Sun News.

Clarkson wanted to legalize the relationship with his fiancĂ©e and filed with the Registrar of marriages. As proof he provided a driver’s license issued in the state of new Mexico. However, the employee took the man for a foreign citizen and demanded his passport.

After objections Clarkson, the employee addressed to the chief, who confirmed her mistake. Later, however, the existence of the state still confirmed, and representatives of the companies apologized to the man.

New Mexico is located in the South-Western United States. In 1821 the territory of the state became part of the Mexican Empire, but moved to the United States in 1846 as the result of the Mexican American war. The status of the state of new Mexico has received in 1912.

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