Brilev said on the advice of Posner for UK citizenship


Photo: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Broadcaster and Deputy Director of TV channel “Russia 1” Sergei Brilev told to Facebook about how became the owner of British citizenship thereby responding to the comments of the journalist Vladimir Posner on this topic.

Brilev said that in 1995 came to the UK for courses “Bi-bi-si” and received the offer to become a correspondent “News” in London. In 1998, he, along with his wife decided to include the Bureau for their money, because at the time, wife found a job and the journalist has received fees for speaking at “Bi-bi-si” and Sky News. According to local laws, he began to pay taxes and after some time got the right to claim the increase of immigration status.

In 2001 Brilev agreed to come back here for the leading “News”, but in fact continued to live in the two cities: the wife has been successfully implemented in London and decided to stay there.

The Council Posner to give up one citizenship, he noted that in his books “back to, of course, difficult, but valuable in itself for me the history of relations of Moscow and London.” “And that my affection I’m certainly not going to give up,” concluded the journalist.

Posner, is a holder of citizenship of three countries — the US, France and Russia — have suggested that his colleague received the status of a British citizen until he began to hold senior positions on channel. He noted that in place of BRILYOV would refuse citizenship of a country.

He Brilev told that has a second citizenship after the Fund of struggle against corruption has produced a investigation on this subject. The article also reported that family-owned broadcaster has an apartment for 700 thousand pounds (about 66 million) in the UK.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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