Disclosed is a method of survival after a plane crash


Frame: the TV series Lost

Flight attendant private jet, held a training on evacuation of passengers in the crash, told how to behave after the collapse of the liner. His words are quoted by the Daily Express.

“The most important rule they taught us in training is to get the hell out of the aircraft if it has been dropped”, — said the steward.

According to him, most of the people killed after the fall of the liner. “If you survived the fall, after you are likely to suffocate from smoke, because they do not have time to quickly leave the plane because of debris or other passengers”, — said the employee.

He also said that traveling is always to reserve a place near the exit to in front of him was not a man who afraid to jump on an inflatable ladder in the event of a disaster. He added that anyone who is sitting near an exit, needs to be aware of how to open the emergency door.

In may the pilot of the Boeing-787 Dave Ince told what to do to passengers to survive when the plane begins to fall. According to him, it is necessary to always be prepared for disaster: take off high heels, glasses, to weaken the ties and scarves. In addition, you need to remember where the nearest emergency exit, and count the number of obstacles that stand in the way to it, in case the plane is filled with smoke.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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