Drunken doctor killed a mother and her child


Photo: Manish Swarup / Reuters

In the Indian state of Gujarat the doctor suspected that he operated on a patient in a state of alcoholic intoxication. It is reported AsiaOne.

22-year-old pregnant girl was taken to the hospital when she started having labor pains. She decided to do a cesarean section. After surgery, the family was informed that the child was dead, and most of the mothers bleeding. She was sent to a private clinic, but she died in transit.

Caesarean section conducted experienced physician with 15 years of experience. After the death of the patient he called the police, as he feared that her family would attack him. Arriving police tested his breath using breathalyzer and found that he was drunk. After that he was arrested.

An investigation, which seeks to determine whether the death of the girl and her newborn daughter doctor error, or the cause of their death was something else.

28 November it was reported that the British city of Salford, greater Manchester, to investigate a medical error, which resulted in the patient’s lungs got cleaner. A few days later he died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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