Have famous in network, a gigantic bull appeared competitor


Photo: home of Kismet Creek Farm in Facebook

In Canada, we found a competitor who was renowned network giant ox named Nickers (Knickers). As informs edition Daily Mail, a bull named dozer (Dozer) above the Australian congener of 2.5 cm.

In late November, the media drew attention to the ox (castrated bull) of Nicera. His height is 194 cm, allowed the animal to avoid the slaughterhouse.

The farmer and the owner of the animal shelter near the canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sanroc Carl (Karl Schoenrock), said that he sees no reason to admire Nickerson, as his bull even more. The growth of six-year-old animal is 196 centimeters.

Shenron described the Dozer as a “gentle giant” and noted that “there is nothing wrong, other than the size.”

As Nickers, dozer was born on a meat farm and had to go for meat. However, it drew the attention of the canadian Hanuschak Rebecca (Rebecca Hanuschuk) and bought it from the owners, her friends. Then the bull was not yet so great and the girl was very surprised when watched the growth of the ward. Nicknamed pet comes from the word “bulldozer” is the first part of the word contains the word bull (English bull).

Hanuschak sent by Dozer in the shelter Seroka, as due to the abnormally rapid growth of the animal started to have problems with health. He hurt the tendon on the hind legs, and the farmer and his wife every time you have to smear them with numbing cream.

As Nickers, dozer is a representative of the Holstein-Friesian breed.

The largest of the living oxen, according to the Guinness Book of records, as the Italian animal named will do. His height reaches about 203 cm.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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