Innocent Chinese 23 the error was in prison



In China was released from prison the man who 23 years spent behind bars because of an error investigation. It is reported by news portal Asia One.

The court acquitted 50-year-old Jin Jejune murder and rape, admitting the evidence was not strong. He was released from prison on Friday, November 30.

29 Sep 1995 in Yongji County, Jilin province found the body of 20-year-old woman at the railroad tracks. A month later, at the time 27-year-old Jin was arrested on suspicion of her rape and murder.

In November 1996, the court of average instance of the province sentenced the Chinese to a pending death penalty. As a rule, when this measure, two years later, the death sentence was changed to life imprisonment. Advocate men si Sandon challenged the verdict, as his client claimed he was tortured during interrogation. Therefore, Jin admitted that he didn’t do to stop the suffering. However, the Supreme court in 2000, left the old sentence in force.

Only in 2014 the Supreme people’s court said it will review the case after numerous appeals of the Jin and his family, as well as the emergence of a critical article about the investigation in one of the leading Newspapers of the country The Paper.

In March of this year, the court stated that the evidence cannot be considered valid. On 24 October, the case was reopened.

According to the lawyer si, at the court all this time there was no evidence or testimony of witnesses, and the prosecution was based on the recognition of the defendant ejected him by force. He stressed that it was a lot of minor flaws: for example, on the victim’s chest found cigarette ash, and Jin never smoked.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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