“Killer SpaceX” has disclosed plans


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American company Blue Origin the user’s guide payload rocket New Glenn, published in October, presented details about reusable first stage media, reports NASASpaceflight.com.

The Handbook notes that with the removal of spacecraft into geosynchronous transfer orbit, the first stage engines are turned off on 199 seconds into the flight, when the rocket reaches a height of 250 kilometers. The separation of the first stage of the second occurs at 202 second. Then turn on the engines of the first stage, which should provide it with a soft vertical landing on the platform of the container ship Stena Freighter (Blue Origin plans to convert the ship) in the Atlantic ocean.

Media New Glenn is able to output in low earth orbit up to 45 tonnes of payload in geostationary and up to 13 tons. The first stage of the carrier allows up to 25 times, and set it on the methane engine BE-4 production Blue Origin is up to 100 times. The same powertrain will get the first stage of the rocket Vulcan — changing media Atlas 5 first stage of which receives Russian kerosene RD-18. New Glenn’s first flight is scheduled for 2021. Annually it is planned to launch 12 such two – or three-stage missiles (depending on customer requirements).

In December, space program Russia was considered a fake.

In the June edition of the Teslarati wrote that the future of the world Astronautics for American companies, SpaceX and Blue Origin, not American ULA (United Launch Alliance), the European Arianespace or Russian ILS (International Launch Services).

The founder of Blue Origin, an American billionaire and the richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, has invested in the creation of New Glenn $ 2.5 billion. Also, Blue Origin successfully tests the reusable suborbital tourism New Shepard system that includes a reusable rocket and spaceship. The main objective of the company Bezos sees the creation of the infrastructure for deep space exploration.

Currently, only SpaceX has the current technology reusable first-stage heavy rocket (Falcon 9).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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