Limousine for Putin compared with the “Beast” trump


Photo: Mike Segar / Reuters

Held in Buenos Aires the summit of “Big twenty” has attracted the attention of the Argentine media to the limousines of heads of two States — Russia and the United States. For example, the portal iProfessional calling both cars “bins on wheels” and “beasts”.

Nicknamed “the Beast” both cars got out of the car of the American President who brought in the Argentine capital Cadillac Beast II — the second version of the armored limousine. At first, according to the portal, in Buenos Aires, visited the former President Barack Obama.

American limousine is equipped with eight-cylinder engine volume of 6.5 liters. The length of the machine is about six meters and weighs about nine tons, the basis weight of the car is armor. The thickness of the doors of “the Beast” — 20 cm, bottom — 13 inches. The car is stable to attack by bombs, and the isolated cabin and salon allow you to resist chemical attacks. Moreover, the cabin always have several packs of blood — in case the first person will need an emergency transfusion.

The Russian equivalent of “Beast” limousine project “Cortege” brand Aurus is equipped with a 4.4-liter eight-cylinder engine, whose power is estimated at 598 horsepower. Also the car is equipped with electric motor which gives an additional 60 horsepower. The thickness of the armor at the Russian limo also allows you to withstand the attacks of bombs, tank rounds. A limousine equipped with a system of protection against chemical attack, and the cabin has a supply of oxygen in case of a prolonged stay in a toxic area.

Argentine newspaper claims that the car of the President of Russia has a supply of blood from the Vladimir Putin. The idea is the transport of blood, as the site says, was inspired by the Americans. Argentinean newspaper says that the design of the Russian limousine was copied from the British cars Rolls-Roys. Finally, journalists doubt that the Russian model is as well equipped technically as the limousine of US President Donald trump.

However, this gives the Russian model advantage — it is easier and faster. Aurus accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in seven seconds, while the heavy “Beast” — for 15 seconds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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