Named ways of overcoming aerophobia


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Experts in the travel industry called the ways to help anxious passengers to keep calm on Board the plane. About it reports Fox News.

First, they recommended you to view pictures from previous trips on the phone. “They remind me, why is it worth flying despite your fear” — confessed one of the founders of the travel apps Noken Emily Brockway (Emily Brockway).

Secondly, to overcome fear of flying, proposed to come up with your own calming ritual, for example, include a playlist with relaxing music or concentrate on your breathing.

Experts also suggest to bring on Board drugs used in cases of severe anxiety, or download on phone distractions during flight app, such as Headspace for meditation.

In turbulence, passengers should pay attention to the behaviour of the plane crew, not to the frightened neighbors, as stewards are able to remain calm in any situation and to lead by example.

Previously, experts of the travel industry told what rules you need to follow to make it easier to move a long flight. First, experts recommended to follow the diet 24 hours before the flight. In addition, they advised to buy headphones and a special mask for the eye and do not use electronic devices before bed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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