Northerners explained the new rules of retirement


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

To explain the innovations in the pension system specifically for residents of the far North Pension Fund has developed and published on its website a brochure that discussed in detail all the details of the planned increase in the retirement age.

“Requirements for a special “Northern” experience, giving the right to early retirement for old age, do not change. According to the law, it will be granted to men at age 60 and women after 55 years if they have worked at least 15 calendar years in regions of the far North, or not less than 20 calendar years in localities equated to them. And have been insured for at least 25 years for men and 20 years for women,” — said the Agency.

Citizens who have worked in the far North not less than 7.5 years, the insurance pension is appointed with reduction of generally established pension age by four months for each full calendar year of work in these areas.

In the memo it is noted that the inhabitants of the region, as before, have the right to early appointment of pension, that is, to her they can start five years earlier than other citizens. Also, under certain conditions, the northerners pensioners will receive compensation of costs of moving to another part of the country and to travel on vacation.

For clarity, the officials added to the brochure several tables detailing the settlement rules of insurance, transfer of periods of work in the far North, and so on.

Earlier it was reported that the Taimyr retired nomads who do not have a formal seniority, will be assigned a social pension, which is currently 8 288 rubles.

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