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Haruki Murakamia: Petr Josek / Reuters

Named finalists of an anti-award for the worst description of sex in literature in 2018. Excerpts published by The Guardian on Friday, November 30.

In the shortlist included seven scenes from the books. Among them is a work by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, who was among the nominees for the third time.

His passage goes like this: “My ejaculation was fierce and repeated. Again and again my sperm burst from me, flooding her vagina, making the sheets sticky. There’s nothing I could do to it to stop. If this continues, I worried, I’m completely empty. Yuzu was asleep during the whole act, not making a sound, even if not breathing. Her genitalia, however, tightened around mine and wouldn’t let go. As if they had their own strong will aimed to drained everything from my body to the last drop”.

In addition to Murakami, the list includes books such writers as James Frey, Julian Gough, Luke Tredget, William wall, Girard Woodward and Victor Cornwall in collaboration with Arthur Trevelyan.

In 2017 the award for the worst description of the sex scenes in literature, received the American novelist Christopher Bollen. The jury awarded the prize for the book the Destroyers with the phrase “an inappropriate attempt to describe familiar concepts in new terms, which ultimately led to confusion”. It was noted that after reading one of the passages, the judges could not understand, how many eggs was the hero.

Bad Sex Award was established in 1993 by Literary Review magazine. In different years it was received by Sebastian Faulks, Norman mailer, Salman Rushdie, Thomas Wolfe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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