Russian judge and MSU Professor called for the legalization of gay marriage


Photo: Reuters

For the legalization of gay marriage in Russia was made by the judge of the European court of human rights (ECtHR) and Professor at the law faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University Dmitry Dedov, writes “Kommersant”.

“I believe that compromise and social harmony could be found based on mutual respect for human rights and, in particular, the rights of minorities who do not seek to promote their own way of life, but rather seeking recognition of their civil rights,” he said.

Ancestors believed that the right of Russians to “family relations, different from the usual understanding of the Union between a man and a woman” should be protected by the state.

After that, according to the judge, you can raise the issue of the protection of other needs that arise within family relationships.

The Russian official expressed “dissenting opinion” on the results of consideration in the Strasbourg court of justice in the 51 case of the prohibition of gay pride parades in Russia in the period from 2009 to 2014.

Ancestors recognized these prohibitions are illegal, as they violate the constitutional right to freedom of Assembly and legal protection.

Lawyer Sergey Golubok said the publication that the “dissenting opinion” of judge of the ECHR could be invoked, but a separate legal effects it has. And LGBT activists believe that a judge can now impose a fine for propaganda of homosexuality.

Currently, gay marriage legalized in 28 countries, including Germany, France, USA and Brazil.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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