Russian police have rescued a family from a fire


Senior sergeants of police Paul Shlapak and Sergey Kopenkuvate: Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorye territory

In the village of Primorsky Krai Yaroslavl police rescued from the fire a large family, according to the website of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

Two senior sergeants Pavel Shlapak and Sergey Krupenko patrolling the street when they noticed a fire on the balcony of the fourth floor of a residential building.

“The door a long time no one answered, although the apartment was heard the baby crying. Police began to knock harder and ask the child to open the door”, — noted in the text.

Shrouded in smoke in the apartment they let 10-year-old girl. One of the officers carried on the hands of her two brothers 3 and 4 years and the other time to Wake up and bring their parents. “Inhaling carbon monoxide adults with difficulty come to myself, not realizing what was happening,” added the police.

Then the sergeants beat out the other occupants of the house, waiting for the arrival of firefighters, who quickly extinguished the fire, returned to service.

On 19 November it was reported Krasnoyarsk employees of traffic police, who managed to save the house from fire and threw burning beside him in the garage with snowballs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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