Sberbank was hit by a series of powerful attacks


Photo: Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Sberbank has undergone six most powerful DDoS-attacks for the past two days. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Board Stanislav Kuznetsov. His words leads TASS.

According to Kuznetsov, the duration of the attacks ranged from 27 minutes to a half hour. Criminals carried them through the satellite, using technology of hiding addresses.

A series of DDoS attacks were carried out with hundreds of servers from six countries. Kuznetsov said that the incident caused the Board of Bank “some concern”.

The operation of Sberbank, the attack is not affected. “The protection and technologies of Sberbank allows to successfully repel such attacks”, — concluded the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Previously the Bank announced the rescue of 32 billion rubles from the accounts of depositors. The criminals tried to steal from customers of a financial institution. The transaction was blocked by the system of fraud monitoring.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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