Spanish survivor has built a flying saucer


Photo: @lucio.b97

An elderly writer and musician from the Spanish village of Montoito, province of Ourense, is building a flying saucer made of aluminium and methacrylate. This publication reports the Huffington Post.

The diameter of the structure, which is 87-year-old Lucio Ballesteros (Lucio Ballesteros) is about 18 meters and weigh more than a ton. Survivor believes that spent more than 100 million euros (7.6 million roubles).

Due to the lack of engine plate doesn’t fly yet, and Ballesteros doubt that she will rise into the air in the foreseeable future. In his opinion, for the beginning humanity needs to evolve spiritually and mentally. He hoped that after this plate will go to the planet 10/7 mentioned in his books.

In February it was reported that an American resident of the city of Willmar, Minnesota, was injured after trying to fly a homemade rocket out of the ski, bike frame and exhaust pipe from the motorcycle. As fuel used antifreeze Heet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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