Stone in the bladder Chinese reached the size of an ostrich egg


Frame: Asiawire駿程科技 / YouTube

The resident of the Chinese province of Wuhan, needed urgent surgery to remove a huge stone in the bladder. This publication reports the Metro.

55-year-old man went to the hospital and complained of the discomfort he experienced in June. When viewed in the bladder, the patient found a stone with a diameter of 13 centimeters. “He was bigger than the fist of an adult, and occupied the whole bubble,” says the doctor.

Stone decided to remove as soon as possible, otherwise the man was threatened with kidney failure. He had a bad heart, so is General anesthesia used local anesthesia. To pick up such a large object tools failed, so the surgeon had to pull his hand.

The doctor thinks that the stone was formed because of the bad habits of the patient. In particular, he drank too little water, too long endured, when he wanted to use the toilet, and a long time sitting in one place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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