The crowd tore the man behind the “transformation” in the crocodile and the murder of a girl


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In Zambia, an angry mob killed a man for what he is, in the opinion of the people, had become a crocodile and killed the girl. About it reports information portal Zambia Reports.

The incident occurred in a village in the district Sample the province of Luapula in the North of the country on November 28. 34-year-old charity Chibale (Charity Chibale) told the police that her 36-year-old brother, Changani, Musenga (Changani Musenge) was killed by an angry crowd, consisting of residents of the three villages.

They explained his action by the fact that on 25 November Musang allegedly turned into a crocodile and killed came to fish on the river 20-the summer girl. For several days the rumors about this spread throughout the County and the villagers together killed and then buried suspected witchcraft man. When the police arrived at the scene, the corpse of Musenga was already buried.

Help the investigation had elder a village, the father of the deceased girls and one of the local boys. Any arrests not reported.

According to African traditional beliefs, man is able to turn into a crocodile, Hippo or any animal that is his totem.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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