The new Boeing will cease to be life-threatening


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Boeing intends to complete the software on your new plane, to remedy the defect, can become a reason for accidents, Reuters reports, citing sources.

New software for Boeing model 737 MAX series could be ready within six to eight weeks. It will disable the automatic system which in emergency situation lowers the airplane’s nose, causing him to dive.

The final decision is still pending. It is also unknown whether reprogramming only new or all aircraft of these models.

Earlier it was reported that during the investigation of the October crash of the Boeing 737 MAX airline Lion Air off the coast of Indonesian Java experts have identified the defect: in some cases the system is responsible for preventing too strong scoring nose, the opposite effect, causing the pilots to lose control of the plane, and he goes into a tailspin. The manufacturer was not told about the lack of carriers and pilots before the October disaster.

In the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX off the coast of Java, on 29 October, killing all aboard 189. The plane disappeared from radar 13 minutes later after taking off from the capital city of Jakarta.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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