The Russians are more willing to pay taxes


Photo: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

In recent years, Russians have become faster to pay taxes, and their collection grew. This is evidenced by the results of “Yandex.Money”, excerpts of which lead to “Izvestia”.

According to the service, in 2018, 48 percent of Russians had paid property taxes (transport, land, property) in the first half of the year, although the law allows you to do this until December. Last year the figure was only 35 percent.

The average tax payment in Russia amounted to 1169 roubles: from 658 rubles in the Siberian Federal district to 1720 rubles in Moscow.

Also increased the overall tax collection for three years by 28 percent. At the same salary for the same period increased on average by 15 percent.

The interviewed experts have attributed the growth of tax collection by streamlining the process of payment in the first place with the ability to pay via the Internet Bank card or wallet payment system. Additional services appear on the website of the Federal tax service, including personal account for physical persons and “Pay taxes”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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