A reporter from Russia suffered during the riots in Paris


Photo: Thibault Camus / AP Photo

RTR correspondent Darya Grigorova suffered during the riots in Paris. On Saturday, December 1, reports “Vesti”.

From the reporter’s leg injury and poisoning tear gas. Despite the damage, she was able to break through barricades on the Champs Elysees and continue the story.

In addition to the Department, suffered two RT correspondent France — one was wounded in the jaw by shrapnel for a police grenade, the second caught a bullet traumatic.

Riots throughout France began during the demonstrations against the increase in gasoline prices since mid-October. The protest called “protest of the yellow jackets”, as activists dressed in yellow reflective vests that are normally worn by the drivers. Earlier it was reported that in the hospital for a few days was delivered to more than 500 people with various injuries.

In 2019, French authorities plan to increase the tax on diesel by 6.5 percent, and gasoline by 2.9 percent. The government is taking such measures to encourage drivers to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport. Amid these developments, the rating of President Emmanuel Macron has fallen to a record low of 25 per cent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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