In Europe will discuss a possible breakup of the partnership with Russia


Photo: Associated Press

MEP from Latvia Sandra Kalniete introduced the draft resolution on the rupture of the partnership with Russia. The document is published on the Parliament’s website.

Kalniete offers to suspend the prisoner in 1997 the Agreement on partnership and cooperation with Russia. Instead, it is recommended to operate only where necessary, in areas of mutual interest, and only subject to “safeguards the security of neighbouring countries and the European peace order”.

Among the claims made on Russia — “discrimination of the Tatar minorities in Crimea”, “organization of the illegal and illegitimate elections in the Donbas,” the military exercises “Zapad-2017” and “military intervention” in Syria. In addition, the Russian authorities charged with harassment of opposition politicians, imprisonment of foreign citizens and pressure on civil rights and freedoms.

The draft resolution stresses that the EU and Russia will remain key economic partners for the foreseeable future, however, it is noted that the pipeline “Nord stream-2” “reinforces the Union’s dependency on Russian gas, threatens the internal market of the EU and are not consistent with its energy policy”, and for these reasons, its construction should be stopped.

The European Parliament will consider the project in March 2019.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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