Kafelnikov has explained the payment of money attacked the captain of “Spartak” fan


Miroslav Golunova: Mikhail Voskresensky/ RIA Novosti

Former tennis player, fan of the Moscow “Spartak” Evgeny Kafelnikov has explained why she sent money to a fan of Miroslav Golunova attacked team captain Denis Glushakov during a match with Vienna’s rapid. His words are quoted “R-Sport”.

Kafelnikov said that among the red and white fans decided to help each other. So when he saw the offer of another fan to help Golunova, agreed. He also stressed that the more the media will write about this incident, the more money he will list the fan.

“Judging by the reaction of many, they (the money), the guy really needed. I wanted to support the guy. This step, which not everyone will dare. Surely he was aware that in this way, ran onto the field, he’s some kind of damage incurred. Understand that there will be sanctions from the club. But the current situation forced him to this act. For me so it deserves respect,” said Kafelnikov.

The athlete sent Golunova 30 thousand rubles. “Now, for every article on the Champ (“Cempionatam” — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) will transfer to Miroslav for his action yesterday,” he wrote on Twitter.

That was the reaction Kafelnikov on the incident, which occurred in the game against rapid (1:2). Golunov ran onto the field and attacked Glushakova. “I ran for the action against Glushakova. Wanted to tell him: “Glushakov, you don’t belong in “Spartacus”! Get out of here!”” — said fan. For his action he received 10 days in jail and a five-year ban on visiting matches.

Glushakov took to the field in the match against “rapid” with the captain’s armband, despite running fans flash mob against him. The fans think it is the cause of the resignation of the coach Massimo Carrera. They demanded that the leadership of the club to sell the player.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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