Russian player played in 14-degree cold and barely survived


Andrew Semenov Photo: Alexey kudenko/ RIA Novosti

Defender of Grozny, “Akhmad” Andrey Semenov told how the team played in temperatures of minus 14 degrees with the Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei”. The words of the player leads to “Sport-Express”.

“I have no words! I’m so cold, never played! Never have never experienced. Very worried about your teammate Mohammadi. Thought he had all the hands will fall off… This match just a shame of Russian football,” said Semenov.

According to the player, his club before the match, measured the temperature and it was below minus 14 degrees. However, the meeting still decided to spend. “I confess that in the break all smelled of ammonia. Imagine our condition. We left the field where it was minus 20, and came in the locker room, where the plus 20. A little consciousness is not lost. Here and smelled ammonia”, — said Semyonov, noting that his fingers “still blue”.

The meeting ended with the score 1:1. “Ahmad” occupies 10-e a place in standings, “Yenisei” is last.

In November 2017, CSKA played with SKA Khabarovsk at a temperature of minus 19 degrees. As a result, the defender Alexei Berezutsky and midfielder Georgi Milanov received a small fracture of tibia and fibula.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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