Stages downhill ice-skating will be held on three continents


Photo: Red Bull

December 7, the Japanese in Yokohama, the first step of downhill skating Red Bull Crashed Ice. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

From December to March in Japan, Austria, Finland, Russia, USA and Canada will be downhill. They are divided into categories: ATSX-1000, ATSX-250, ATSX-500.

Current champion and world champion Scott Croxall canadian and American Amanda Trunzo next season will try to defend his title. But Finnish wunderkind Mirko Lahti will give way to his Junior title and will compete for the trophy in the adult men’s competition.

The calendar of the world championship downhill as follows:

7-8 December 2018 — ATSX-1000 — Red Bull Crashed Ice, Yokohama, Japan;
5-6 January 2019 — ATSX-250 — Judenburg, Austria;
January 19, 2019 — ATSX-250 — Rautalampi, Finland;
January 26, 2019 — ATSX-500 — “Igora”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2 February 2019 — ATSX-1000 — Red Bull Crashed Ice, Jyvaskyla, Finland;
On 8-9 February 2019 — ATSX-1000 — Red Bull Crashed Ice, Boston, USA;
16 February 2019 — ATSX-250 — Uktus in Ekaterinburg, Russia.
16 February 2019 — ATSX-500 — Mont-du-Lac, mn, USA;
2 March 2019 — ATSX-500 — La-SAR, Quebec, Canada.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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