In Belarus, found half a million loafers


Photo: Andrei Alexandrov / RIA Novosti

In the database of able-bodied citizens of Belarus, not employed in the economy, were about 500 thousand people. This was announced by the Minister of labour and social protection of the Republic Irina Kostevich in interview to TV channel “Belarus-1”.

Became available December 1, 2018. Kostevich said that Belarusians can obtain information about its status in the database through a single portal of electronic services of Belarus. In addition, included in the lists of slackers know this when you receive the receipt for housing and communal services. From 2019 non-citizens will have to pay in full the cost of hot water, gas and heating. Previously, these services were subsidized by the government. Person can remove from the base and recalculate the cost of the services if he can provide proof of employment.

In January 2018, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has abolished the so-called “tax parasites”. It was introduced in April 2015, requiring all unemployed able-bodied citizens to pay yearly fee in the amount of about $ 250. The tax has caused in the country a series of protests. Instead, the authorities decided to create a database of able-bodied citizens, not employed in the economy, and to charge them the full cost of government-subsidised services.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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