New Russian nuclear submarine experienced in the sea



Nuclear submarine strategic purpose “Vladimir” first went to sea during the factory test. Write about the authors of the blog bmpd.

As noted, the submarine, built by improved project “Borey-A”, was removed from the factory “Sevmash” in Severodvinsk on 17 November 2017. To pass a submarine of the Navy of Russia is planned in 2019, it will become part of the Northern fleet.

The construction of “Prince Vladimir” has begun in 2012. Just on the “Sevmash” must be built eight submarines. So, in a combat fleet already includes three of the original submarine of project 955 “Borey”: head (“Yury Dolgoruky”) and serial (“Alexander Nevsky” and “Vladimir Monomakh”). The remaining five submarines are laid and built on improved project 955A “Borey” (“Prince Vladimir” and “Prince Oleg”, “Generalissimo Suvorov”, “Emperor Alexander III”, “Prince Pozharsky”).

According to open sources, the “Borei-A”, in comparison with the predecessors, modernized case design, used new electronics, also submarines of project 955A have better stealth. “Borei” armed with solid-fuel Intercontinental ballistic missile “Bulava” each submarine can carry up to 16 of these missiles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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