A grieving pensioner was forced to spend the night in a wheelchair at the airport


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Elderly American had to spend the night at the airport in her wheelchair after her flight from Chicago to Detroit was canceled. Reported by the New Yotk Post.

67-year-old Olympia Warsaw returned home after the funeral of a relative in Chicago. At the airport the woman was accompanied by son Claude Coltea, as due to Parkinson’s disease and diabetes in Warsaw had problems with speech.

According to him, he brought the woman to the gate and talk to the airline employee to make sure that someone will take care of his mother. “A spokeswoman for the airline confirmed that the flight is on time and that my mother will be taken care of” — told Coltea.

However the woman are unable to get to Detroit that night due to a flight cancellation. The airline staff gave her a room in the hotel, but because of problems with the movement of Warsow not been able to reach him, and no one offered her help.

After the American returned home to Detroit, the relatives panicked and started to search for her. It turned out that the woman spent the night in the Chicago airport in his wheelchair.

The airline brought the family Warshaw apology and promised to investigate the incident.

In July, a teenager with disabilities Ali was expelled from the plane of Emirates airlines for epilepsy, although the doctors on the flight. Eli returned with his family to France from New Zealand. Stopover in Dubai when they were expecting a take-off on Board, they were asked to leave the plane, despite the fact that the boy had a doctor’s permission for the flight.

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