Chinese 15 years were paralyzed mother back



A resident of China Wang Sanican 15 years were paralyzed mother back across the country. It is reported by news portal Asia One.

In 2003, the father of van, caring for an invalid wife, died and a 22-year-old young man had to take care of her myself. He left with a good job and traveled from town to town with his mother on his back in search of part-time work that would allow him to care for her mother. The man couldn’t carry the mother in the car due to the fact that she suffered from severe sea sickness. Even if Wang agreed to a small salary, but asked for flexible working, it didn’t take a job because “he asked too much.”

In 2015, Wang found a stable job in the factory for the production of clothing. However, after six months it closed and the family decided to return to his native village Funy. Of villagers so moved by the story of the man that they gave him a job as a janitor and assist in obtaining social assistance. Support, helped him obtain from the government a house for himself and mother.

When the story of van appeared on the network, users are so imbued with man’s attempt to help his mother, that promised to gain him money for a wheelchair.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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