Feeding the wolves mouth glorify the Chinese


Photo: Baidu

The inhabitant of the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia became famous thanks to the trick with feeding the cubs mouth. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

20-year-old Zhou Sinua grows eight cubs for the environmental farm, where tourists are photographed with the animals and stroking them. Several wards, she’s planning to give on the shooting of films and programs.

The Chinese recognized that most of the day cuts of meat — usually chicken and lamb, and then feeds the wolves in a specially designated place. The cubs eat twice a day, every of them ten pounds of meat. “I spend about an hour to feed them all,” — said Zhou. Sometimes the cubs are acting up and she has to beat them at feeding time to cool their ardor. “They don’t attack me, but sometimes can scratch with their sharp claws. The cubs do on occasion.” she explained.

Praise her for the trick — feeding the cubs mouth — Zhou uses to establish and strengthen the emotional bond with animals.

Chinese Internet users are very interested in unusual methods of upbringing of the cubs. Many of them questioned the fact that this method is safe for the girls and the animals themselves.

Zhou believes that to worry about she is not: she is a child loves animals and knows how to deal with them, and four years working as a breeder of dogs and wolves, as well as parents. To the environmental project she raised four cubs, who lived in the house of her uncle. Animals are regularly vaccinated and give anthelmintic drugs, like normal dogs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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