Found Pikachu in real life


Photo: Reddit

In Australia found a female metahost whose hair due to a mutation acquired a bright yellow color. According to the news portal Stuff, its called Pikachu because of the similarity of pokemon.

A resident of the city of Melbourne, state of Victoria, found sudohost, or Lisovenko the possum, still lying on the ground and brought to the veterinary clinic. Dr. Steven REINISCH (Reinisch Stephen) explained that the coat of the animal took the unusual Golden color of the low level of melanin. He assumed that Pikachu fell from the back of the mother. Animal for approximately five months.

Despite the increased anxiety, ecohost was healthy. Pikachu spent the night at the clinic then had her transferred to the center of protection of wild animals. Most likely, the animal will not be released into the wild: its unusual coloring will make metahost easy prey for predators.

The Pikachu gained thousands of likes in social networks. A spokeswoman for the environmental organization of the state of Victoria Caroline Daisy (Caroline Dazey) noted that this is not the first metahost with a similar mutation discovered in the state. The organization receives many calls from people asking to tell them where there are Lesovedenie possums have such a coloring, however the plan is to keep this information secret for the safety of animals.

Metahost live on mainland Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. The length of their body along with the tail can range from 50 to 90 centimeters and a weight from 1.2 to 4.5 kg. Normal their fur is gray or brown. Metahost live in trees, are nocturnal, feed on the leaves, fruits and berries.

According to the game universe of pokemon, Pikachu is the pokemon with the mouse. However, in may the Creator of pokemon Atsuko Nishida said that the prototype Pikachu was protein.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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