In the legendary song, hear sexual assault and removed it from the ether


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Radio Cleveland (Ohio, USA) was removed from the air popular Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside (“Baby, it’s cold outside”), written in 1944. This is due to the complaints of students who have declared the inadmissibility of such texts, given the struggle against violence against women, writes CBS News.

The decision of the radio station announced her presenter Glenn Anderson. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand why words called as bad … Until I read,” he said.

The song Broadway composer Frank Loesser, the man talking with a woman. She wants to go, because at home waiting for her parents, but he makes her stay the night, constantly saying that it is cold outside. He offers her alcohol and admonishes by compliments, and as a result seducing.

“Now I understand that the time when the song was written, was different. But today, when I read her text, she seems very manipulative and wrong. The world in which we now live, very sensitive, and people are easily offended. But in a world where #MeToo has finally given women a voice they deserve, this song is not the place”, — concluded the leader.

Original song was performed as a comic. She gained wide popularity after the movie “Neptune’s Daughter” in 1949-m. the Appearance of the composition in the picture brought Lesser “Oscar” for best song. There are many covers of Baby It’s Cold Outside, the most famous modern version of the participants of the musical show American Idol 2011.

It is noted that the words of the song caused outrage long before the movement #MeToo. In particular, Baby It’s Cold Outside complained back in 2013, and in 2016-m in Vanity Fair published an article questioning the correctness of this composition.

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