Leader of the movement against slavery in Russia tried to kill


Photo: page of Oleg Melnikov in “Vkontakte”

In Moscow attacked the founder of the social movement against slavery “Alternative” Oleg Melnikov. On Monday, December 3, reported on the organization page on a social network “Vkontakte”.

According to the report, the night before, Melnikov had returned home in a taxi, near the entrance, he was met by an unknown man, asked for a cigarette and asked a few questions. When Melnikov turned away to go to the entrance, the stranger struck him three times with a knife and fled.

To identify the attacker has failed: his face was hidden by a scarf and a hood. The location of the attack was chosen in such a way that none of the surveillance cameras did not record the incident.

“I think this man was waiting for me and knew where I lived. He approached me several times to verify that I am who I am” — said Melnikov.

After the incident, the leader of the “Alternatives” were hospitalized, the hospital had recorded multiple stab wounds and provided first aid. After that, he gave testimony to the police.

According to the report “Alternatives”, in the present investigation tries to establish the identity of the attacker, his motive and the relationship of the attack with the public activities Melnikov.

As stated on page movements in the social network, “Alternative” is a volunteer organization that fights modern-day slavery, including labor, sexual and “miserable”. It was founded in 2011, seven years activists have released more than 700 people. So, in February they managed to rescue from the slavery of the migrant, who for three years was forced to work for free Builder in Ufa.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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