Mamaev who is in jail accused of treason


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The wife of the football player of “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, Alan found out about her husband’s infidelity. Sport24 has published the transcript of a live model to Instagram.

Mamaev published a post with a photo of account the husband’s mistress, noting that because of it the player has clashed with Vitaly Solovchuk in the Parking lot of the hotel “Beijing”. She later deleted the post, but recorded live, in which has told about details of the situation.

“The court will be his whore, by the way. She’s a witness. The witness we found. And where it all began. This bitch sat in the car, she started the conflict. I wanted to come to the court with the children, but the children will not be driving. It is not worth going to see,” said Mamaev. She also noted that her husband had a long-term relationship on the side.

20 Nov Mamaev announced the start of sales of hoodies in support of the imprisoned players. According to the model, thus, she advocated for a fair trial.

Mamaev and player of “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin will be in jail at least until December 8th. Both athletes refused to change the measure of restraint. They are defendants in three criminal cases under articles “Hooliganism” and “Assault”.

8 Oct Kokorin and Mamaev staged two fights in Moscow. First, they beat the driver of TV presenter Olga Ushakova of Solovchuk, and then attacked an official of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pak and the Director General of FSUE “NAMI” Sergey Gaisin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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