Revealed secret documents about the battle of Moscow


Photo: Naum Granovsky / RIA Novosti

The Ministry of defence of Russia first published archival documents about the battle of Moscow 1941. The publication is timed to the Day of the Unknown Soldier, which is celebrated on 3 December.

Among the declassified documents mentioned in the war diary of the 354 th infantry divisions from the 16-th army, when the soldiers of the red army repulsed the enemy’s attack. The first three trains 354-th infantry division arrived at the station of Skhodnya of November 30 and the last train was unloaded on December 2, when the parts of the division were tasked to take and firmly to defend the line of Klushino — Mother. Five days of fighting killed 148 Soviet soldiers and injured 445 people, 238 received frostbite.

“It should be noted that in those days were 25 degrees below zero. On 6 December, the enemy moved to active defense. On 7 December, according to the military orders of the commander of the army of Lieutenant General Rokossovsky, part of the 16th army at 10 a.m. went on the offensive,” — said on the Agency’s website.

It is also noted that during the ten days of fighting, 354 infantry division lost 3159. However, the defence Ministry cites account card mass graves, where in November-December 1941 buried Soviet soldiers who defended Moscow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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