Russian site caught trafficking kids


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Online store offering children’s clothing in the lease, was accused of child trafficking. As reported the website cpidzhak offered 26 “lots”of children.

The portal was represented by 11 girls and 15 boys. Despite the fact that the store allegedly offered the costume, all the ads have been called childish names models. It is reported that in some pictures the children were naked.

Price is for one “lot” has reached 100 thousand rubles per hour, while the long-term lease discounts were granted. To pay for the services was only possible with the help of cryptocurrency.

The administration of the portal guarantee the delivery of goods at any time of the day or night. Also the staff were willing to provide buyers room for its “use”.

Journalists assumed that cpidzhak could provide services to child prostitution. It specifies the name of the site that hides an abbreviation of the phrase “child porn” (childporno).

Probably the service was created by scammers to get money from pedophiles fraudulently. At the moment the portal is unavailable. On the main page there is an image of a Soviet serial killer and pedophile Andrei Chikatilo. It is assumed that his work was suspended by the owners themselves. Law enforcement authorities are reviewing the case.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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