Russians warned about the growth of thefts of data from Bank cards before the New year


Photo: Daniel Estrin / AP

In connection with pre-Christmas sales in the network increase the activity of online fraudsters who steal personal data and information about Bank cards. This “news” told the staff of “Kaspersky Lab”.

According to experts, for the first quarter of 2018 was recorded 94 million attempts to get hold of data of polzovateley in the network, for the second quarter of 107 million. In the third quarter was discovered 137 million attacks that half more than the number of attempts for the whole of 2017. On the eve of New year, Internet fraudsters will act more actively.

Theft of personal data, or phishing, is typically carried out using fake websites. The fraudsters fake resources, in address replacing similar characters of the alphabet on each other, sending spam with the requirement to switch to a fake website or send tax files with important documents, which when opened downloaded a virus. Attackers often make clones of the online stores to retrieve the data of Bank cards.

Companies that are engaged in phishing protection, are blacklist such resources and block them. To help protect against fraud can and specially trained neural network that automatically evaluates dangerous sites and also closes access to them. However, experts note that fully automate the process of protection is almost impossible. The best way to protect your personal information — pay attention to incoming mail and not to open suspicious links.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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