The appointment of illiterate official to the post of the rector of the outraged scientists


Gulnaz, Safecoat:

The staff of the Institute of education development of Bashkortostan has opposed the appointment of the University rector, former Minister of education of the Republic Gulnaz Shafikova, RIA Novosti reported.

December 3 at the extraordinary General meeting of the Institute more than a hundred of its workers discussed the possible candidacy of Shafikova and made an open letter addressed to the acting head of the region of Radium habirova with the requirement to cancel her appointment. In high school think she’s “incompetent administration” in 2016 shafikova had a failed optimization of the work load of teachers has increased by 250 hours per year, but the payments they received.

The participants of the meeting noted that the woman “has no communicative culture” because employees of the Institute, she spoke “in the command and despotic tone”.

On September 23 Shafikova pages in Instagram and in “Vkontakte” appeared a post about her working trip to St. Petersburg, two of the proposals were approved with two spelling errors. They were soon fixed, but then the record was removed. The official called the event an experiment for the sake of attracting attention to their accounts and shut down their pages in social networks.

Shafikova was the head of the regional Ministry of education from September 2015. December 3, her place was taken by Aybulat Khazhyn, previously led the national accreditation Agency of the Republic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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