The Brits made a film about the killing of a goat in a dead language


Photo: Department of Archaeology/University of Cambridge

A short film on the dead Babylonian language removed linguists Cambridge University, UK. Scientists specially rebuilt it for the film until the sound, reports the Daily Mail.

The tape was called “the Poor man of Nippur”, it lasts 20 minutes. In the center of the story — a young man who decided to take revenge for the murder of the goat official. The action takes place two thousand years ago.

“Reconstruction of the sounds of a dead language is like art, but with the Babylonians we are lucky, we have a transcription of their language in the Greek alphabet. In addition, the Babylonian language is closely connected with Arabic and Hebrew, which helps because the sounds of Semitic languages, as a rule, much more stable than Indo-European,” explained Professor Martin Worthington.

The Babylonian language was common in Mesopotamia for two thousand years before Christ, and then began to fade until it fully ceased to exist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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