The Czech Republic reported about the Russian intervention


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The Czech Service of information security (BIS) has stated about the attack by Russian hackers on the Czech office and spoke about Moscow’s influence on the society of the country. The relevant information contains in the report of the organization for 2017.

The report notes that the main threats to cybersecurity of state structures of the country come from Russia and China. In particular, we are talking about two incidents. From the beginning of 2016 at the foreign Ministry was carried out cyber attacks, in which attackers gained access to over 150 e-mail accounts of employees of the Department. The second attack on the Ministry was made at the end of 2016 — then the hackers gained access to hundreds of electronic boxes.

Both incidents linked to Russian hackers. Responsible for one of the attacks lay on cyberspying group Turla is allegedly created by the FSB. Another culprit is considered as APT28/Sofacy, better known as Fancy Bear that allegedly tied to Russian military intelligence.

As noted, Fancy Bear pays attention to the collection of personal information, which is then used in phishing operations. This refers to emails that hackers send to the victims, pretending to be relatives, friends or relatives.

The report also says that Russian aggression in the Czech Republic is part of a hybrid strategy aimed at combating the EU and NATO. The main ways of conducting a hybrid war is called revisionist history with Pro-Soviet positions, information warfare (propaganda, disinformation), the impact on politics, Economics, culture and education, as well as military operations such as the military conflict in Ukraine.

Moscow continues to use undercover agents in the ranks of diplomats, believe in BIS. “Thus, Russian diplomats pose the greatest risk to citizens of the Czech Republic, which inadvertently can come in contact with foreign intelligence services. Diplomats are also an instrument of pressure on the Czech foreign Ministry,” — said in the report.

Earlier, on 3 December it was reported that the Czech Republic, which has no outlet to the sea, called for increased defense spending to counter Russia in the Arctic.

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