The published correspondence of the murdered Saudi journalist in WhatsApp


Photo: HUSEYIN ALDEMIR / Reuters

Saudi journalist Jamal Hakuji discussed in personal correspondence the plans to create a protest movement against the authorities of the country, which would kill him. About it reports CNN TV channel.

An activist from Montreal Omar Abdulaziz has granted the publishing access to messages, photos, audio and video, which he shared with Hakuji in WhatsApp. As follows from the correspondence, the journalist was very concerned about what is happening in the country. “The more victims he gets, the more he wants. I wonder if he will even persecute those who support it,” wrote Hakuji about the actions of Prince Mohammad bin Salman in may.

Men began to plan the organization of the youth movement, which will attract Saudi Arabia and the crown Prince to justice. The project was called “Cyber-bee” and suggested the establishment of a portal in the network and short films, which will show the human rights violations in the country. In addition, activists gathered to send to members of the movement of foreign SIM cards, so they could not track the opposition when writing Twitter posts. Hakuji managed to find sources of funding, the initial payment amounted to 30 thousand dollars.

In August of Hakuji suspected that the Saudi authorities had access to their correspondence. Two months later he was killed.

Abdulaziz filed a lawsuit against the company from Israel that developed the software used to gain access to his cell phone. “Hacking my phone played a decisive role in what happened to Jamal. The guilt is killing me,” said Abdulaziz.

Saudi journalist Jamal Hakuji killed on October 2 when he came to the Embassy of the Kingdom in Istanbul. He needed the documents confirming the divorce to enter into a new marriage with a citizen of Turkey. The bride was waiting for him near the Consulate building.

Saudi authorities denied the death of a journalist for nearly three weeks. Later the murder was acknowledged, but called it unintentional. On 15 November the Prosecutor’s office of the Kingdom demanded the execution of five suspects.

Turkey suspects in the murder of journalist a total of 18 persons, and demanded their extradition. Local authorities insist that the murder was deliberate and intentionally cruel. On their latest release, the man tortured, dismembered and then the body was taken from Turkey in suitcases, using diplomatic immunity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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