The victim shot in the head showed the transplanted face



A resident of the us state of California showed the results of transplantation face, which he experienced at the beginning of 2018. This publication reports The Independent.

In 2016, Cameron underwood (Underwood Cameron), who was then 24 years old, shot himself in the head. As a result of injuries he lost a large part of the face. Among other things, he had broken his nose, jaw, palate and teeth.

To restore the face using conventional surgery. He then appealed to the medical center Langone at new York University, whose experts conducted two successful transplant operation face. In early January, he transplanted the face of a 23-year resident of new York, who died on 31 December 2017.

The operation lasted 23 hours. The patient recovered the bones of the upper and lower jaws, gums, the sky, all 32 teeth, eyelids, cheeks, nose and nasal cavity.

Underwood a few weeks remained in the hospital for rehabilitation and speech therapy. In addition, worked with him orthodontists. To avoid rejection of the transplanted tissue, he will have the rest of your life to take immunosuppressive drugs.

“I am very grateful for the face transplant, because it gives me a second chance in life, says underwood. Although I am still recovering, and the sensitivity and mobility have not yet returned to the end, especially the lip, I’m still very happy with the results. Now I have the nose and mouth, I again can smile, speak and eat solid food.”

In September it was reported that canadian Maurice reports and analysis, became the oldest person in the world who did a full face transplant. 64-year-old man lost most of her face after an accident while hunting.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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