Before the concert IC3PEAK began to look for explosives


ІС3РЕАКФото: @ic3peak

In the Saratov school “My bar”, where on 4 December to be held by the Duo IC3PEAK, police dogs made a check of the room, explaining that the search of explosives and drugs, according to “the Media”.

The entrance to the club was blocked. The police said they would check passports and not allowed to the concert of those who do not pass the age limit.

According to the tour Manager of a group of Oleg Mitrofanov, the police decided to waste time before curfew: the regional law “About measures on protection of morals of children in the Saratov region” means that people under 17 years have no right to be in public places at night.

According to the “media zones”, at the entrance of the club gathered more than 200 people. In anticipation of the event, they sang “Everything is going according to plan” Yegor Letov and chanted: “Aspic! Aspic!”.

1 Dec participants IC3PEAK detained in Novosibirsk. The day before was canceled a concert in Krasnoyarsk, allegedly due to cable damage at the site. It was the seventh disrupted the performance of the group.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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