Created children-mutants the scientist disappeared


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Chinese scholar he Cisangkuy (He Jiankui), announced the creation of the first genetically modified twins suddenly disappeared. This writes Futurism.

It is noted that the last time he was seen at the conference in Hong Kong Wednesday, November 28. Thus, according to the SCMP, the network appeared rumors that the President of the South science and technology University made it on the weekend to get back to Shenzhen and is now holding him under house arrest. However, to comment on this information the University and the real location of the scientist remains unknown.

In late November he Cisangkuy announced the birth of the world’s first genetically-modified twin girls. Scientist have made mutations in the genes of human embryos as part of treatment of infertility in seven childless couples, however, until he managed to get only one pregnancy. In the result of newly-born children carry the DNA that contributes to the development of resistance against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The parents of the girls did not disclose their names and place of residence. The scientist, in turn, has not yet led no evidence of his words.

The work was condemned as colleagues of the scientist and the government. South University of science and technology (Shenzhen), which employs Cisangkuy, the day after the announcement of the results of the study issued an official statement in which it was reported that leadership was not aware of the work of the scientist, who departed in February on unpaid leave. He also has been accused of causing damage to the international reputation of China in the field of genetic research and the government demanded to stop the experiment.

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