Daughter was late for his dying mother because of crowded Parking


Photo: stfs.org.uk

A resident of the UK Lorraine Griffiths (Lauraine Griffiths) did not have time to the hospital to see his dying mother due to the lack of Parking spaces. According to the newspaper Metro, when she ran into the room, the woman had already died.

The incident occurred in the town of Royal Tunbridge wells, Kent. 56-year-old Griffiths learned about the sharp deterioration in the condition of the mother and immediately went to the clinic in his car. In search of free Parking had to spend 20 minutes.

“My heart broke, while I was looking for a place,” admitted Griffiths. “I spent eight years next to her during the illness and did not have time to come,” said she. Most Briton was sorry he hadn’t left the car, despite the threat of fines and evacuation.

Griffiths accused the National health service that the hospital is not enough Parking spaces. “How was it possible to build a modern hospital, from which it is impossible to Park? Everyone can see that. This is wrong. It’s a great hospital, but this moment is not thought out,” said she to officials. Currently, the hospital employs two thousand people, but provided only 818 seats for staff and 447 for visitors.

Representatives of the local branch of the National health service apologized to the woman and said he will ask for permission to increase the Parking at the head office. The hospital also expressed his condolences in connection with the situation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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