Grandma by mistake spent ten hours in jail with 40 men


Photo: Miami-Dade Corrections

In the USA 55-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against the state prison of Florida for the fact that the staff took her for transgender. About it reports information portal WTRF.

The incident occurred in 2013. Fier Pichardo de Veloz (Veloz Fior de Pichardo) flew to Miami from the Dominican Republic to see the newborn grandson. At the airport she got arrested for drug possession. Police brought her into the Protocol as a woman and taken to the correctional center. Before that, she was forced to strip and searched.

In the center of Velez had to go check with the nurse due to the fact that women had problems with high pressure. She saw that the Dominican had hormone pills and asked her what she sex. Surprised Veloz stated that she is a woman. In the end, the nurse wrote in the conclusion:”Transgender: male bodies, women’s behavior”. The doctor read it, did not check and sent a woman in men’s prison.

Veloz locked in a cell with 40 men in ten hours. The surrounding was teasing her, and she was so scared that did not dare even to go to the toilet.

Prison staff realized the error only during a visit relatives Veloz who asked why she was transferred to another place. A terrified woman was released from the chamber and was forced to take another medical examination. According to her, several male officers laughed at her and one even took a picture. When her sexual identity was confirmed, it was returned to the first correctional centre.

After his release from prison Veloz tried to sue the County jail for “negligence” and “cruel and unusual punishment”. As a result of the litigation, the court of appeal held that a nurse and doctor showed “deliberate indifference.” Court hearings continue.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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