In network there instructions for the cancellation of concerts


Photo: @ic3peak

Netizens adopted the instruction “on the organization and the cancellation of the concert immoral group.” The plan of a few points placed in the community “Teach good 2.0” social network “Vkontakte”.

In particular, the social worker recommended to place a petition demanding to cancel the concert of the musician, whose songs break the Law on the protection of children from harmful information, send complaints to the local authorities, as well as to promote information about their actions through the media and social networks. Furthermore, according to the authors instructions, you need to focus on “the need to protect the psyche of children and culture from information aggression”.

It is alleged that all of the above will take 2-2,5 hours in the absence of any financial cost. To facilitate the procedure were also given templates for applications, as well as quotes from songs, which can arouse the interest of Supervisory authorities.

“If you manage to cancel 2-3 immoral concert performers in the city, all the regional promoters lost a lot of personal time and money, next time, 10 times will think before to invite you to the faith, LJ, Husky and other freaks”, concludes the statement.

Over the past few weeks in the regions of Russia has cancelled a number of performances by contemporary musicians. In particular, the November 30 concert of the group IC3PEAK was disrupted for the seventh time. The next day the Duo was detained in Novosibirsk.

In November was also cancelled speech by LJ in Yakutsk after the rapper threatened to murder.

30 odebra it became known that the Prosecutor’s office of Nizhny Novgorod region was canceled in October and December concerts five performers due to the presence in the repertoire of obscene songs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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