In the Kremlin missed the “betrayal” of Kant


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The Kremlin has not heard the statements by the head of staff of the Baltic fleet Igor Mukhametshin, who called the philosopher Immanuel Kant was the traitor, and urged seafarers not to vote for the appropriation of his name Kaliningrad airport. On Tuesday, December 4, said press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, his words leads to “Interfax”.

“No, not heard,” — said Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions.

He noted that a similar tension around the voting suggests that it is “really exciting for all subject”.

Earlier in December, the Council Chairman called on all “relatives, friends, sisters, wives” of soldiers to vote for the appropriation of the airport in Kaliningrad named after Marshal of the Soviet Union Alexander Vasilevsky, because “it is unbecoming for the airport to bear the name of the stranger” of Kant. In his speech, he also said that the philosopher supposedly “humiliated and crawled on his knees to give him a University chair”.

November 26, unknown persons poured paint over the monument to Kant, his grave and a memorial plaque on Leninsky Prospekt, and scattered leaflets with the words “Kant betrayed the Russian land”.

Voting for a name for Kaliningrad airport within the framework of the project “Great names of Russia” was completed on 1 December. According to preliminary data, 49 of 100 votes were cast for the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, 39 284 votes in favour Wasilewski, 39 018 for Kant, 541 16 — General Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

Immanuel Kant was born and worked in Koenigsberg (former name of Kaliningrad). He taught at the University of königsberg. He was buried at the city’s Cathedral.

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