In the United States shamed “Roscosmos” for “tales”


Photo: Roscosmos / RIA Novosti

“Roskosmos” and its partners is demonstrating YouTube videos and unsubstantiated accusations against the American company SpaceX and its head Elon musk would have to create a new rocket, says ArsTechnica editor Eric Berger.

The American edition drew attention to the statement by the Director General of the Russian “Keldysh research Center” (part of “Roscosmos”), Vladimir Koshlakov, which, presenting in the video, posted on YouTube, the appearance of a spacecraft with a nuclear power plant, said that SpaceX uses old technology, and relies on state assistance.

“When your country fly rocket ships, created half a century ago, you can’t say that other countries are using “old technology”. Also, create engine (nuclear power plant — approx. “Of the”) and stop doing videos for YouTube, and we believe that he ever will,” writes Berger.

In 2014, NASA selected SpaceX and Boeing for the construction of manned spacecraft CST-100 (Starliner) Dragon and 2 respectively. The total cost of development is estimated at $ 4.2 billion for Boeing and $ 2.6 billion for SpaceX.

Currently SpaceX is the only company in the world to successfully implement a reusable technologies in a burst missile. Many similar Soviet and Russian projects have never received a practical embodiment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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